• Krystal Bettray

Sebastian voters remove City Council Members in recall vote

On September 15th, voters in the city of Sebastian voted on whether to recall 3 City Council members. In unofficial tallies, all three council members were voted out. Damien Gilliams received 93.3% (5,920 votes) to be recalled. Charles Mauti received 91.5% (5,780 votes) to be recalled. Pamela Parris received 93.37% (5,935 votes) to be recalled.

Eight people were on the ballot to replace any council members removed. According to the unofficial results, Christopher Nunn (17.03%), Bob McPartlan (14.81%) and Fred Jones (13.62%) will take the open seats and be sworn into the City Council on September 23rd.

The recall election was started due to a meeting held by Damien Gilliams, Charles Mauti and Pamela Parris on April 22nd. The original meeting for that date had been cancelled by city manager Paul Carlisle. In the meeting Gilliams, Mauti and Parris made decisions to fire the City Attorney, City Manager, City Clerk as well as remove Mayor Ed Dodd and named Damien Gilliams as mayor. They have all faced charges due to violating the state's open-meeting, or Sunshine Law. Mauti and Parris pled no contest and received fines.

Gilliams and Parris are currently facing criminal charges for violating the Sunshine Law and perjury. A jury trial is scheduled to begin October 5th. Gilliams is currently pursuing legal action to block the results of the recall election. He filed an appeal with the 4th District Court of Appeal on September 11th.

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