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Presidential Election is still underway, no results fully expected for a few days

The entire country, as well as people all over the world, have been watching the election coverage that began Tuesday. Five states are yet to be called. As it stands now, Joe Biden has the lead and is leading in two of the five states yet to be called.

Biden recently passed incumbent president Donald Trump in Georgia. He now has a lead of 917 votes.

North Carolina results will not be in for almost a week. The state recently extended when mail in ballots can be received from November 6th to November 12th as long as the ballots are postmarked on or before election day. All counties must finalize their counts November 13th. Donald Trump currently leads in this state.

Pennsylvania has been at the forefront of this election. Donald Trump's campaign has filed multiple lawsuits (see here for a full list). This morning, the Biden ticket started to edge out Donald Trump. At the time of writing this, Biden now has a 5,594 vote lead.

Of the other two states still pending, Alaska has Trump leading at 118,602 to Biden's 63,992. Nevada is a very close race. There is a different of 11,438 with Biden in the lead. Nevada is at 84% reporting and will be a state to watch.

Currently Joe Biden has 264 electoral college votes and Donald Trump has 214. It is too soon to tell what may happen in this election, but we will have a winner. The electoral college will vote on December 14th based on the results of the popular vote.

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