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A day in the Station: An interview with TV-30's President and CEO, Larry Wapnick

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This past week, I got to take some of our station's President, Mr. Wapnick, and ask him a few questions about the station he was making and a bit about himself as well. Here's how it went.

Q: Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself to start?

A: I’m in my golden age and I’ve decided to start business instead of retiring. I have an interest in vintage antiques, watches, and cameras. I like to see young people interested in learning about patriotism and to have a love of our nation.

Q: What was it that made you want to run a TV station?

A: You never grow up thinking you’re going to run TV station because, it doesn’t happen. This was open to us to do and I seized upon the moment. I’ve always been in love with television and communication. It gives us an opportunity to focus and to integrate everything that we do for the benefit go the communities.

Q: Television is a pretty competitive industry. Are you at all concerned about competition?

A: No actually I think they should worry. Because we’ll be setting better standards by doing what’s right for the communities right now.

Q: With the current state of the pandemic, could you assure everyone that your workers will be safe by telling us some measures you’re taking?

A: All of our workers are handpicked and there’s not a lot of us, so it’s easier for us to be careful about it. And we’ve all been very good about how we go about public interaction and interacting with each other.

Q: As a final question today, can you give our readers a little hint of what they can expect from the station in the coming months?

A: Our viewers can look forward to getting everything they need out of Television, and our advertisers are going to want to look forward to the growth of our station as well.

I've of course, paraphrased a lot of what we talked about to keep everything concise, but I think it should be clear the station is in good hands and that we can all look forward to it's continuing growth.

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